The Finno-Ugric Folk and World Music Scene in the Eastern European Countries

Workshop and discussion on the TFF Rudolstadt Festival 2010

Joint roots, new tendencies and the influence of world music in Estonia, Russia and Hungary with
Gergely Agócs (researcher, musician, manager, Hungary);
Ants Johanson (TV presenter, press manager for various folk festivals, Estonia)
Helen Kõmmus (researcher, ethnomusicologist, Estonia)

All interested are welcome!

Place: Bibliothek/Library, Schulplatz 13, Rudolstadt, Germany
Date: 3. July 2010 - 13.00-15.00
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Organisers: Susan Lahesalu (Estonia), Elena Novoselova (Russia) and Gábor Törőcsik (Hungary), scholars of the Robert Bosch Stiftung, Cultural managers from Middle- and Eastern Europe

in English and free entry

Gesprächsleitung: Susan Lahesalu (Estland), Elena Novoselova (Russland) und Gábor Törőcsik (Ungarn), Stipendiaten der Robert Bosch Stiftung

Mit Unterstützung des Programms Kulturmanager aus Mittel- und Osteuropa der Robert Bosch Stiftung

in englischer Sprache und freier Eintritt


Helen Kõmmus - Estonia

Name: Helen Kõmmus
Contacts: Vanemuise 42, Tartu 51003, Estonia
E-mail: helen@folklore.ee

2008-… University of Tampere (Finland), Department of Music Anthropology, PhD studies in ethnomusicology
2003 - 2006 University of Tartu (Estonia), Department of Folkloristics, MA studies in folkloristics
1995 - 2003 University of Tartu (Estonia), Department of Folkloristics, BA studies in folkloristics

Degree information
Master's Degree in Folkloristics, supervisor Jaan Ross, Variations in folk hymn melodies collected by Cyrillus Kreek in 1921. (2006) University of Tartu, Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Folkloristics

2006 - … Estonian Literary Museum, Department of Ethnomusicology, researcher

Field of research
Traditional music in contemporary culture
Folk music festivals
Folk hymns

Administrative responsibilities
2007 - ... Academic Folklore Society (Estonia), fellow

Estonian – native language
Finnish – very good
English – very good
Russian – good
German – sufficient
Hungarian – sufficient

Gergely Agócs - Hungary

Name: Gergely Agócs

Address: 2821 Gyermely, Rákóczi Ferenc u. 26. Hungary
Citizenship: Slovak Republic
Nationality: Hungarian
Marital status: Married, 4 children: Márton (1995), Julianna (1997), István (2000), Mária Borbála (2005)

Hungarian (native language)
Slovak (fluent)
Czech (fluent)
Russian (medium level)
Latin (medium level)
English (basic)
Wallachian Gipsy (basic)

1983-1987: Secondary School of Architecture, Lucenec (Slovak Rep.) - Geodesy
1987-1988: University of Technical Sciences Kosice (Slovak Rep.) – Faculty of Architecture
1992-1997: Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Faculty of Humanities, - Folklore Department
1997-2000: Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Musicology, „ Young Researcher ” Scholarship
2000-: Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Doctoral School of Hungarian and Comparative Folklore. Topic of dissertation: Traditional Instrumental Music of Hungarians in Slovakia

Professional experience:
1988: Geodézia National Company, Bratislava (Slovak Rep.) – geometer
(1988-1990: compulsory military training)
1990: Independent Hungarian Initiative, Bratislava (Slovak Rep.) – program manager
1990-1992: NAP Independent Hungarian Weekly, Bratislava (Slovak Rep.) – editor
1997-2000: Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Musicology, Folk Music Department
1997-2001: Honvéd Ensemble (professional artistic group), Budapest – musician of Folk music band Hegedős
2001-2005: Hungarian Heritage House, Folk Art Department, Budapest – director
2005-: Hungarian Heritage House, Management, Budapest – researcher, ethnographer

Scientific experience:
1986- Folk music research, first of all in the field of music of Hungarians in Slovakia, but my collection contains Slovak, Rutenian, Gipsy, Croatian, German, Rumanian and Polish folk-music recordings
1999-2000: professional manager of the Slovakian part of the program „ Utolsó óra ” („The Last Hour”) for folk music collection, in Fonó Music House (supported by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Musicology)
2000: two-week folk music collection tour on the territories of the Cabardin-Balkar, and Karachay-Cherkes republics of the Russian Federation
2003: Conference on Tradition and Nature, chair and organizer (Hungarian Heritage House, Budapest)

Performing Art:
1984-1987: Palóc folk dance ensemble, Filakovské Biskupice (Slovak Rep.) – solo dancer
1987-1988: Új Nemzedék folk dance ensemble, Kosice (Slovak Rep.) – dancer
1988-1992: Szőttes folk dance ensemble, Bratislava (Slovak Rep.) – solo singer, wind-instruments
1997-2001: Hegedős band of the Honvéd Ensemble, Budapest - solo singer, wind-instruments
2001-: Fonó Ensemble, Budapest - solo singer, wind-instruments, band leader

1993: „Young Master of Folk Art” ministerial award (singer, musician soloist category)
1997: Martin György Foundation, Competition, 2nd prize (for the study „Egy szürke meg egy hamuszín galamb” – A hagyományos szellemi kultúra egy nógrádi magyar pásztor életében” – Traditional Intellectual Culture in the Life of a Hungarian Shepherd from the Nógrád County
2003: „Choc de l'anné” Prize of Le Monde de la Musique, Paris (for the CD Mixtura Cultivalis)

Public education:
1990: Founder of Hungarian Folklore Society in Slovakia
1990-1999: Music manager of Táncház Festivals in Slovakia – Dunajská Streda, Komárno (Slovak Rep.)
1993-1996: Publicist of the Slovak Program of the Hungarian Radio
1995, 1996, 1999: National Táncház Festival and Crafs Market, Budapest – organizer
1991-2002: Professional manager of folk music camps of the Hungarian Folklore Society in Slovakia
2002: Festival manager of the Folklore Meeting of the Countries of the Visegrad Cooperation,
Professional coordinator of „Ungheria in Primo Piano” – folklore section of the Hungarian Cultural Year in Italy

courses and workshops:
1994-1997: Folklore Summer Camp, Jászberény (folk songs)
1998-2001: Folklore Camp of Hungarian Folklore Society in Slovakia (folk songs, flute, tárogató)
1998-2004: Egyszólam Folk Music Camp, Váralja (master course in folk singing)
2000-2001: Miskolc University, Cultural and Visual Anthropology, „Anthropology of Music Culture”, tutorial
2000-2001: Two-year course for folk dance teachers organized by the Hungarian Folklore Society in Slovakia, „General basics of folklore”, tutorial
2003-2004: Secondary Music School, Vác, teacher (folklore, folk music theory and history)

Source: http://www.fonozenekar.hu/pages/ang_agmagamrol.htm

Ants Johanson - Estonia

Ants Johanson
Date of birth 11.07.1962
Phone +372 505 7 303
E-mail ants@johanson.ee

Institution and position held
2008 - ... Tartu Music Foundation, manager of Hanseatic Days
2007 - ... world music festival MAAILMAKÜLA, press manager
2006 - ... Estonian Public Broadcasting, TV music program MI
1995-2007 Viljandi Folk Music Festival, press manager;
1993 -1996 Q-Radio.,editor, ARM Music Ltd, project manager;
1990-1993 Institute of Estonian Language and Literature
1986-1990 Ülenurme Secondary School, teacher

1979 - 1986 Tartu University, Estonian language and literature,
folkloristics 1980-1986; Tallinn XXII Secondary School 1972-1980;

Creative work
Programmes of Estonian Public Broadcasting: "Muusikaelu" (tv),
"Pärimuster", "Ruutjuur" (radio), editor;
annusal singer-songwriter Festival "Mailaul", organizing, press

Research activity
Degree information Ants Johanson, PhD Student, (sup) Maarja Lõhmus, Muusika kui
ühiskonna protsesside kommunikatsioon: laulev revolutsioon 1987-1991 aastate Eestis, University of Tartu, Faculty of Social
Sciences and Education

Field of research
Culture and Society, Communication and Information Sciences

Current grants & projects
Actual complexity of cultural communication and methodological challenges of cultural research
Changing cultural dispositions of Estonians through the four decades: from the 1970s to the present time

Source: Ants Johanson


Taive Särg - Estonia

Taive Särg

Date of birth: 01/17/1962
E-mail: taive@folklore.ee

Institution and position held
2005 - ... Estonian Literary Museum; Senior Researcher
2000 - 2005 Estonian Literary Museum; Researcher
1995 - 1999 Institute of the Estonian Language; Researcher
1987 - 1994 Institute of the Estonian Language; Assistant

2005 PhD (folkloristics), University of Tartu
1998 MA (folkloristics), University of Tartu
1991 BA (folkloristics), University of Tartu

Administrative responsibilities
2005 - ... The Board Member of The Academic Folklore Society
2001 - ... The European Seminar for Ethnomusicology, fellow
2001 - ... The Estonian Society of Musicology, fellow
1995 - ... The International Council for Traditional Music, fellow

Additional information
Tartu University, the Department of Estonian and Comparative Folkloristics, based payment lecturer of Estonian folk music, since 2000.
Tartu University, the Department of Music Pedagogic, based payment lecturer of Estonian folk music, 2001-2005.
The Tartu Music High School, based payment lecturer of Estonian folk music, 2001-2006.
Tartu University, the Viljandi Culture Academy, based payment lecturer of ethnomusicology, since 2006.
Tartu University, the Department of Pedagogic, based payment lecturer of Estonian traditional culture, since 2006.
Tartu University, the Department of Pedagogic, based payment lecturer of Estonian folk calender, since 2007.

Research activity
Degree information
Taive Särg, Doctor's Degree, 2005, (sup) Jaan Ross, Eesti keele prosoodia ning teksti ja viisi seosed regilaulus (Estonian Prosody and Words/Music Relationships in Estonian Old Folk Songs), University of Tartu, Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Literature and Folklore
Taive Särg, Master's Degree, 1998, (sup) Ingrid Rüütel, Püsiv ja muutuv Karksi regilaulus (Stable and Unstable Elements in Runosongs from Karksi Parish), University of Tartu

Honours & Awards
1998, Taive Särg; The First Prize at The Competition of Master Works, organized by The Estonian Ministry of Education

Field of research
Culture and Society, Aesthetics and Arts Research (The connections between music, language and group identity, The history of Estonian ethnomusicology)

Current grants & projects
Perspectives of music in constructing the Estonian open identity

Dissertations under supervision
Katrin Soon, MA / MSc Student, (sup) Taive Särg, Setu kandlemängu traditsioon, University of Tartu

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