Gergely Agócs - Hungary

Name: Gergely Agócs

Address: 2821 Gyermely, Rákóczi Ferenc u. 26. Hungary
Citizenship: Slovak Republic
Nationality: Hungarian
Marital status: Married, 4 children: Márton (1995), Julianna (1997), István (2000), Mária Borbála (2005)

Hungarian (native language)
Slovak (fluent)
Czech (fluent)
Russian (medium level)
Latin (medium level)
English (basic)
Wallachian Gipsy (basic)

1983-1987: Secondary School of Architecture, Lucenec (Slovak Rep.) - Geodesy
1987-1988: University of Technical Sciences Kosice (Slovak Rep.) – Faculty of Architecture
1992-1997: Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Faculty of Humanities, - Folklore Department
1997-2000: Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Musicology, „ Young Researcher ” Scholarship
2000-: Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Doctoral School of Hungarian and Comparative Folklore. Topic of dissertation: Traditional Instrumental Music of Hungarians in Slovakia

Professional experience:
1988: Geodézia National Company, Bratislava (Slovak Rep.) – geometer
(1988-1990: compulsory military training)
1990: Independent Hungarian Initiative, Bratislava (Slovak Rep.) – program manager
1990-1992: NAP Independent Hungarian Weekly, Bratislava (Slovak Rep.) – editor
1997-2000: Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Musicology, Folk Music Department
1997-2001: Honvéd Ensemble (professional artistic group), Budapest – musician of Folk music band Hegedős
2001-2005: Hungarian Heritage House, Folk Art Department, Budapest – director
2005-: Hungarian Heritage House, Management, Budapest – researcher, ethnographer

Scientific experience:
1986- Folk music research, first of all in the field of music of Hungarians in Slovakia, but my collection contains Slovak, Rutenian, Gipsy, Croatian, German, Rumanian and Polish folk-music recordings
1999-2000: professional manager of the Slovakian part of the program „ Utolsó óra ” („The Last Hour”) for folk music collection, in Fonó Music House (supported by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Musicology)
2000: two-week folk music collection tour on the territories of the Cabardin-Balkar, and Karachay-Cherkes republics of the Russian Federation
2003: Conference on Tradition and Nature, chair and organizer (Hungarian Heritage House, Budapest)

Performing Art:
1984-1987: Palóc folk dance ensemble, Filakovské Biskupice (Slovak Rep.) – solo dancer
1987-1988: Új Nemzedék folk dance ensemble, Kosice (Slovak Rep.) – dancer
1988-1992: Szőttes folk dance ensemble, Bratislava (Slovak Rep.) – solo singer, wind-instruments
1997-2001: Hegedős band of the Honvéd Ensemble, Budapest - solo singer, wind-instruments
2001-: Fonó Ensemble, Budapest - solo singer, wind-instruments, band leader

1993: „Young Master of Folk Art” ministerial award (singer, musician soloist category)
1997: Martin György Foundation, Competition, 2nd prize (for the study „Egy szürke meg egy hamuszín galamb” – A hagyományos szellemi kultúra egy nógrádi magyar pásztor életében” – Traditional Intellectual Culture in the Life of a Hungarian Shepherd from the Nógrád County
2003: „Choc de l'anné” Prize of Le Monde de la Musique, Paris (for the CD Mixtura Cultivalis)

Public education:
1990: Founder of Hungarian Folklore Society in Slovakia
1990-1999: Music manager of Táncház Festivals in Slovakia – Dunajská Streda, Komárno (Slovak Rep.)
1993-1996: Publicist of the Slovak Program of the Hungarian Radio
1995, 1996, 1999: National Táncház Festival and Crafs Market, Budapest – organizer
1991-2002: Professional manager of folk music camps of the Hungarian Folklore Society in Slovakia
2002: Festival manager of the Folklore Meeting of the Countries of the Visegrad Cooperation,
Professional coordinator of „Ungheria in Primo Piano” – folklore section of the Hungarian Cultural Year in Italy

courses and workshops:
1994-1997: Folklore Summer Camp, Jászberény (folk songs)
1998-2001: Folklore Camp of Hungarian Folklore Society in Slovakia (folk songs, flute, tárogató)
1998-2004: Egyszólam Folk Music Camp, Váralja (master course in folk singing)
2000-2001: Miskolc University, Cultural and Visual Anthropology, „Anthropology of Music Culture”, tutorial
2000-2001: Two-year course for folk dance teachers organized by the Hungarian Folklore Society in Slovakia, „General basics of folklore”, tutorial
2003-2004: Secondary Music School, Vác, teacher (folklore, folk music theory and history)

Source: http://www.fonozenekar.hu/pages/ang_agmagamrol.htm

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